Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Birthday presents!

It's been so long that I didn't ever write about our great trip to Traverse City... wine touring (Barry's birthday present)! We had lots of fun...
let's just say that we ended up with 14 bottles of wine! :) We highly recommend the Old Mission Peninsula over Leelanau too, at least for tasting. 

And before that even, we went to the Lion King (my birthday present), which was AMAZING! I'd heard it was good, but I had no idea how good. This is a photo courtesy of Jackson who spent the weekend with us

Obviously it's a little late to write about what actually went on, but these pictures are fun to have! :)

Oh, and as a follow up to yesterday, you'll have to wait... just like me. The doctor had something come up so I have to wait until tomorrow. I'm so curious to see how running has effected things, if at all! Anyway, I'm sure I'll write about it... at some point.

Monday, May 18, 2009

Another great one in the books!

Seems like they just keep coming, great weekends that is! How glorious it is to have some Spring, finally! Last weekend was great, of course, because we spent it celebrating two of the best Mother’s any couple could have. Barry and I always consider ourselves so lucky that we found each other but that we also found some pretty great in-laws in the process. We spent Saturday with my mom which worked out well so that we could all be together since Jackson was going to be spending mother’s day with his mom. We went out for breakfast, did some very rainy flower shopping, had a nap, and then a terrific dinner. Sunday we drove to Trufant and had grilled burgers (made by mom? but I think she likes to do it!) with the whole family… mmm!!

And wow, it’s been a LONG time since I’ve posted anything… I won’t bore you with every detail (although we’ve had lots of fun and we wouldn’t call it boring! ;) But we did run our 5K the weekend before Mother’s Day! It was a lot of fun, mostly because of the people ;) We (I; Barry probably would have been much faster had he not stayed with me, for which I’m very grateful he did! I probably would have walked half of it had he not been with me) finished right about 40 minutes, which I realize is not great, but faster than the walkers! I’m approximating we walked for about 7 minutes of those 40… now we have something to shoot for next time… guess we’d better sign up for a next time soon! We finished up the race with lunch in Royal Oak with the other 50+ people on team K-rock and then had a fabo night in Hamtramck with some of the WMTU crew at the St. Florians strawberry festival and then drinks at the Roosevelt Bar. Those guys are pretty great hosts! Also that weekend we got to spend Friday night with baby Jake, who I’m sure looks totally different now, since that was 2 weeks ago! Then got to spend a lot of the day with the Vanderford’s on Sunday, which was awesome since we haven’t seen Madeline since her first birthday and now she’s 18 months! Missy drove out and spent the day too – she and I talked a little bit on facebook about how weird it is to miss people so much more if you haven’t seen them in so long when you finally do get together! Must mean you miss them for good reasons J

I suppose this weekend didn’t start off so great, but only because I decided to start it Friday night by watching Marley and Me. I knew it was sad, but I also heard it was good… so I had to see it. I was stuffed up for an hour afterward, but it didn’t effect me so that I thought about it all weekend… it’s just such a sad part of the cycle. But it got better and better from there…

Saturday morning I went to have my blood drawn for my physical coming up. I know this sounds crazy, and it’s not normally this way, but I’m looking forward to my appointment. While I’ve gained a significant amount of weight back since I quit smoking, I still eat healthier than I ever have. I’ve also been “running” periodically, which is probably the most regular exercise I’ve had in some time. And I’ve been taking folic acid for at least a year in anticipation of someday being pregnant, and supposedly the longer you have it built up, the better. So I’d really like to see what the doc has to tell me. I’m hoping for good news, for the most part, I know shedding some pounds has to be a priority, but other than that I’m thinking I’ll like what he has to say. Let’s hope I don’t get my hopes up just to be let down! I’m not anticipating that though :). Barry and I met my mom, Danny and Jackson downtown for a parade celebrating Lansing’s 150th year! It was nearly 3 hours long and would not have been worth it without a 4 year dancing around to the music and entertaining us. And if you’ve seen my face, or Danny’s or my mom’s or Jackson’s even, we were surprised (pleased at the time because it was so cold!) by the sun. We’re all pretty red. That’s the best (easiest) time to get burnt, is when you least expect it. Barry got home at about 7 (he left the parade a little earlier, escaping the burn, to play some D&D) and we just started talking about when we might do for dinner when I decided to call over to my parents to see if they were as red as I felt. Yes. It ended up that we were invited over for pizza and a fire! S’mores on a May night have never hit the spot so well!

Sunday we wound up at a new park to run that a friend recommended. It has a 5K trail that we opted not to run quite yet… we’re still building back up from our week off after the first 5K… oops. But it was a nice park, good run, my hips are still angry, but they’ll get over it – they usually do! My mom and sucked it up and wore our red faces to the East Lansing art festival and craft show later in the afternoon. TONS of people, cool stuff, a couple of really neat purchases and another yummy dinner at the folks, most importantly a win from the Wings and entertainment from Jackson wrapped up the weekend :)

Two and a half more work days and we’ll be on the road to Georgia to hang with family and celebrate two graduations! Cousin George from UGA and cousin Charlotte from high school. Let’s just hope there isn’t never ending fruit to cut up this time! JK Aunt Sue, I meant it; I’m bringing our melon baller! ;)