Wednesday, June 29, 2011


My thoughts on Bonnaroo:

1) People said it would be hot. I had no idea how hot. Especially when you have to stand in line for an hour to get into some place air-conditioned to get relief. Our best bet was to find someplace in the shade and sit down. The first day we were there we waited in line to see The Naked Gun and at least 3 people in line fainted from heat exhaustion.

2) People said it was dirty. I had no idea how dirty. There were a couple of times I thought ‘this is what wind LOOKS like’! It was a constant barrage of sand blowing around, into your face, your sweaty everything. We saw people walking around with bandannas over their mouths and thought it was silly… at first. It wasn’t about air quality, obviously you’re not going to get away from it much, it was about not chewing on dirt!

3) The 80’s are totally back. I haven’t spent that much time with so many college age kids, well, probably since I was in college. I also haven’t seen that many jump suits since the 5th grade. And those sunglasses with the black front neon colored stems? EVERYWHERE.

4) I have never seen that amount of pot. There was more there in a weekend than there was from the classes of ’92-’98 combined at Eastern High school. It was fine, I just couldn’t decide which concert had more; Eminem or Robert Plant. Barry and I decided Eminem, but only because of the sheer volume of people at that concert.

5) Also, painted boobs are a thing. A very popular thing. We saw some homemade loin cloths too, best one was the skunk. There was one completely naked dude hanging out in the middle of the vendors… posing for pictures. He might have gotten into something other than pot.

6) It’s nice to camp as an adult, with useful things, other than just a tent and 4 broken coolers. It’s nice to be able to help out all the ‘kids’ camping, that don’t have camping equipment.

7) The best part was spending a weekend with my husband in a totally new environment for both of us. We both enjoyed the music, and I know Barry loved the music. We got to see an amazing amount of unbelievable talent. I loved watching the people. We loved eating all sorts of wonderful food. We met some new folks, talked about music, about families, about life. Best of all Barry and I enjoyed each other :)

I'd definitely go again... it was a great experience, hot and all!

Lots more pictures to come on Facebook - I have a TERRIBLE time posting pictures via blogger... (any suggestions, hints, would be greatly appreciated!)

Bobble heads in mid-Centeroo

First day! Poor Barry had literally been up all night!