Monday, January 10, 2011


The boys are curious about EVERYTHING, surprise! They both continue to love books and finding out about everything you tell them is in there... regardless of whether or not it actually is, right Barry? ;)

Their OT, Brenda, was here today. You can tell when a person is good. They boys hadn't been able to see her and "play" for well over a month with the holiday's and us being sick and her being sick and you would have thought Christmas was here all over again. They both went to her right away with great big hugs and oh, the stories they had to tell her! It was a cuddle fest, yes, cuddle fest, for the first 15 minutes she was here. Anyway, we went through their progress since we've been working together and they are doing all of the things (with one small exception) that they expect a 10-13 month old to be doing. Their chronological age is 13 months... but their adjusted age is only 11. Their such great babi... uh, toddlers! And I'm such a proud mom!

Anyway, the even bigger news around here though, is Simon taking steps!
He started last week with Grammy, he looked a little like he was keeping his feet under him while he was falling forward, but still keeping his feet under him! He practiced some during the week but I think being moved up to the Toddler 1 room wore him out quite a bit and by Friday neither of them were in any mood to anything but whine... oh my whine and whine... oh, I digress (they only get one nap, scheduled meal times, organized structured play - which will all be great for them... some day!)
Anyway, by Saturday and Sunday he was going back and forth between mom and dad, taking real steps!
He'd get to one person and then hurry to get back to the other. He was so proud! We all were, after he'd reach one of us we'd hoot and holler and clap... Elliott included! It was so cute, Elliott would look at Simon with that great big grin and clap for his brother. Aw.
And Elliott is still finding all kinds of ways to move so that we find yet another thing that has to be put away. He's always looking to entertain and loves the camera. So much so that he sometimes doesn't even realize the cat he's always chasing is actually chasing him ;)
We're having more fun than we knew we could and they continue to surprise us every day. Watching the world through their eyes really is a wondrous thing.