Monday, February 28, 2011

So over winter!

I owe SO many updates (they have the BEST personalities and they come out more and more each day), but I wanted to share our little break in monotony from being cooped up inside this winter with so many sicknesses - while it's still fresh in my mind! Grammy brought over a climber/slide that they boys could not get enough of. We had to turn on Signing Time just to be able to put it away. And for as much fun as they had, putting it away was a must, they still need a couple months to figure out how to go up the climber, sit down and go down the slide. Not to mention turn taking.
Anyway, Elliott absolutely, literally squealed with delight when he went down and was beside himself when he wasn't instantly back on top of it for more. He bound up the climber like he'd been climbing it all winter, and danced around on the top until he remembered he could glide down that slide of utter satisfaction.

The first time Simon went down he gave his Grammy the biggest pout lip and glare - so close to tears, as if to say, "that was really scary and I'm blaming you for it", laid his head on my shoulder for a moment of comfort and then in the next instant stood up and did his excited dance, eyebrows raised and couldn't wait for more. Looked at Grammy, pouted again and then gave her a great big smile and immediately tried to climb up the slide. I think he had more fun playing king of the mountain :)

Before we put it away they had so much fun hanging on to the sides and "marching" around on the top of the 2x2 platform (nudging each other, vying for the "best" spot). 3 adults around a slide 2 feet off the ground was still not quite enough to calm Mom's nerves. I may be rethinking my grandiose ideas for the biggest play-set our yard can hold when we shop for their birthday present from our friends and family ;)