Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Half Birthday!

I had this written a month ago, but I wanted to add the pictures. Then the computer I've been using quit working, so my lovely husband brought home a brand new (bigger) one, I've loaded pictures so now I'm posting!

Whew, what a weekend! The boys got threw another two days of daycare, seemingly unscathed. Elliott showed his true colors and had to get a new outfit… twice. Simon fell asleep at about 6 Friday night after I got them home, and beside two bottles, slept until the next morning!

I was still recovering from a head cold, and Barry came home Friday afternoon not feeling well. Of course he had something completely different than I did. By Saturday afternoon I had to cuthim off from the boys, finally realizing how bad he was. I was glad I had called off the “half birthday party” I had planned for Saturday afternoon. Barry and I had taken turns taking naps up to that point.

Unlike my previous post, I was bound and determined we were goingto have “half cakes” to celebrate. Truth is when I made them Thursday night I fully intended to have the party. Since they were alreadymade I figured I had to frost them, what’s a cake without frosting?!? And by the time that was doneand they didn’t turn out (I promise boys, I’ll order cakesfor your 1st bday!) it didn’t matter much what the writing on them looked like…

So when my dad came over Sunday afternoon (the first company we had all weekend) I quick wrote on them for photo opps!
Here they are with Papa and Grammy (who had arrived for her sitting duties the next day)

So now they have pictures for their scrapbooks and something they can torment me with when I’m old and gray… ah, memories!

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