Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Couch potato to 5K

In my desperate need/want to get fit I’ve been trying to think of ways to motivate myself to do so, but how? We have a Wii Fit, that’s fun, but the guy yells at me too often (which isn’t often, which is the problem) about how long it’s been since he’s seen me. I dunno really what the problem with it is, it’s fun, but I just don’t do it. We have an elliptical but the problem with that is finding a space in our tiny house to use it. Well, there’s an excuse for all of it. Anyway, I’ve made mention of wanting to try running before. I know it has great benefits and those that do it seem to swear by it for the most part. So I remember hearing about this before, looked it up and it SOUNDS fantastically easy, possibly fun. But I’m very curious about your opinions, runners and non-runners alike. Yay or nay?

I saw a group or event, I’m not sure which, the other day on facebook – friends of friends were putting together a 5K in memorial of a friend of theirs, someone that Barry went to Tech with, and I thought that’d be kind of nice to be able to participate in… maybe with Barry, possibly get him excited and enthusiastic about exercise too – I need all the help I can get and it’s not BAD for anyone to try... right honey? ;) (JK - he's already expressed some intrest, I just thought I'd see what you all thought.) Anyway, that’s the kind of thing I hope to be able to do someday, possibly in time for said event?

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