Friday, September 3, 2010

My sweet baby boys

They’re 9 months old now. Wow. They couldn’t be more different. In a lot of ways (well more than one!) we’re lucky to be experiencing two babies, for the first time mind you, the same age. I keep thinking, wait, he’s doing that so he should be doing it too! No, they’re two different babies! Then I wonder how odd it must be when you have the second after you’ve had the first. I know I would go back to when so and so was 9 months old and compare everything the new baby is doing to what they were doing then… and worry, or wonder, or be sure I had a genius. But we get to watch them be completely separate and learn from each other at the same time.

Elliott is a spit fire. When he was almost two months old and still in the hospital one of the mom’s once told me “I feel sorry for you when you take him home…” after he’d had a screaming fit just before I got there. He’s not terribly temperamental, well ok, maybe he is. His mood changes with the wind, but 9 times out of 10 he has an irresistible grin… the other times he’s just mad you’re not entertaining him. When he’s sitting on your lap at night, when it’s time to go to bed he’ll sit and wait for the chance to catch someone’s eye and grin until he can’t anymore. He just likes to be… well, just to be! He’s (army) crawling everywhere! Especially if Simon has anything! It just seems to be that much more interesting if his brother has it and he makes a bee line for it. He never stops moving, or talking. He rarely takes naps and we’ve not been successful in putting him in the swing to sleep for quite some time. He figured out that’s what it does, puts him to sleep, so he fights it with all he has! He’s quite a charmer, in every sense. He knows he is but there’s something terribly innocent about it. He loves food. I can’t say he’s loved everything we’ve given him so far, but he eats it anyway! He’s got his first two teeth too, with hardly any complaints. When he was sick you’d barely know it. He still had to see everything that was going on, and be part of it too. He was still bouncing around, despite his terrible cough. One of his favorite things to do is watch cars drive by… he’ll be in the middle of something, hear a car and have to crane his neck around to see it whiz by!

My sweet Simon is just so sweet! He’s very much the observer. He’s content to watch and learn and take it all in. I think he’s got us all fooled. He’s willing to let us be cautious of Elliott and then once he’s got it all figured out… watch out! The other day my mom said he studied the tage on one of their toys for a good 15 or 20 minutes! When we brought him home he had some sensory issues, an immature nervous system that really was quite a big thing to overcome. And now that he has, he’s a totally different baby, my little courageous lion. Like Elliott, when he was sick he didn’t complain. He had an ear infection and other than the fever you never would have known. He was a little cuddlier than normal, which is quite a bit! He’s so laid back. I love when he just wants to sit on my lap and watch what’s going on and snuggle in… then I love those times when he wants to sit on my lap and jump around and sing and yell too! He’s so easy to go to sleep too. On a bad night he’ll whimper for a bit and then fall right asleep. Sometimes he’ll just lay his head down and before you know it almost, he’s asleep. He’s always been our eater, rarely leaving a drop leftover in the bottle. Food however has been a different challenge. Bananas, nope. Avocado, no way. So far sweet potatoes have been… OK. But he’ll sit in his chair and clamp his mouth shut before he’ll let you “put that glop in my mouth!” He’s not easily fooled either, it’ll take him 2 or 3 bites of cereal before he’ll give you a wide open mouth if you’ve just tried to sneak something else “yucky” in. He’s so funny. You never know what will make him laugh, and he has the best laugh! A great big belly laugh!

I could go on and on, and I’m sure I’ll edit this 10 times before the end of the weekend but I have to get this out there now, I don’t want to forget any of these special quirks or times with these amazing gifts! I'm also sure that they'll change ten times over the course of the weekend too and this does little justice to describe them. You have to know them and know them you have to spend time with them.

I take special solace in knowing that no one will ever know them like I do. Like their Mom does. The special way they look as if to say, it's OK Mom, or I need you Mom, or to know what cry is real and what cry is a test to see how far they can get. Of course I'm sure I won't know them the same way their Dad does, or their Grandma's. But then I suppose that's the miracle of having children.

For now, I’ll leave you with a couple pictures of them that kind of speak for themselves!

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