Monday, October 4, 2010

STOP! Stop time now!

I can’t believe that my BABY boys turned 10 months old this weekend. They’re still babies (very much so in my head), and yet every day they do things to the contrary. I’m sure I’ve said it before but you can’t know how fast it goes until they’re your own. My heart almost aches to think I’ll have two one year olds in less than 2 months. LESS THAN 2 MONTHS? How did that happen? I started thinking about their birthday party, feeling a little silly, like I was jumping the gun but they reality is that it'll be here before I know it.

We’ve had busy days, they attended their first tailgate. Mommy went on her first overnight trip away on her own, girl’s weekend if you will. We had a fairly big Labor Day party, where the boys hung with the best of ‘em. Just yesterday they had their first trip to the cider mill so we could have dessert to celebrate Grammy’s bday a bit early. Of course to them it was just another place to bang on a table, but for me it was another instance where they’re gaining their independence in leaps and bounds. They’re eating all kinds of foods, lots they don’t like and some they love. They thought they were such hot shots when we gave them sweet potato “fries”, eating “real people food”! And they have lots of teeth!! Elliott has his four front teeth and just this morning I could finally feel Simon’s bottom left poking through. They’re both mobile. Elliott a bit more than Simon, but he won’t be far behind, I’m sure. Simon is holding his own bottle! Just this morning he looked so big when I was leaving – Grammy had him laying in the boppy feeding himself. Elliott prefers if you do it for him… sigh ;) We just went through all their clothes again (thanks Mom!), and actually put them away… I put sleepers in their drawers that I was sure would be a little loose… Simon’s legs were too long to “wear” the feet!

And on Wednesday Barry and I will celebrate our 3rd year of marriage. Talk about time flying by! But in some ways it seems like a lifetime already. And I don’t mean that in the funny, cliché sort of way either. I did marry the guy so of course I feel about him like I never have another, but we just seem to fit. I feel so completely open and free with him, that I don’t even think of it as such. With some people you keep yourself guarded, and you’re aware that you do… with my husband I don’t keep anything from him and I don’t worry about telling him too much, or seeing too much, or anything really. Our life is not a fairy tale, but some days I have to remind myself of that, it really is that good. I believe it’s because we’re happy. I will admit that sometimes with the bab, er, I mean boys L I get distracted from being a wife. It used to be that I would dilly dally going home so that I didn’t have to be there long without Barry. Now, I can’t get home fast enough because I know I have two (most of the time) smiling boys waiting for me. But I also know that’s because their dad isn’t far behind and he’s made a home for his family, where we all want to be, one full of love, generosity, compromise, caring and fun.

I love my family and I'm so lucky to have them!

(Hoping to add some pictures a little later!)

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