Friday, March 4, 2011

Let's go wagon riding... it is March after all!

Just like the previous post – our two boys are so different in so many ways! It’s so funny to me that people still ask if they’re identical. Seriously? Do they look anything alike? Really. I understand that not everyone gets to know them like we do, but seriously, do they look anything alike?

Anyway my parents got them a wagon for Christmas. At the time we actually opened a really cute picture frame shaped like a wagon, figuring we (I, they are my parents after all, they know me pretty well) might have something in mind. I did some looking and found a great price on Amazon (go figure, I’d be willing to bet the FedEx guy knows our address by heart) and ordered the Radio Flyer Pathfinder Wagon.

The Amazon frustration free packaging was out of stock, it was such a great price. That only meant we’d have to put it together, no big deal. Turned out the wagon, with no wheels, was the best thing for the inside before it’s warm enough to use it outside!

At first I thought maybe we'd just play on the box...

It didn't take me long to open the box though. Simon thinks this is really neat, as long as it's still!

Here's a prime example of my different boys (I figured I'd get back around eventually) - I moving it around now and S isn't quite so sure, but look at that pure joy in E's face, I couldn't make it go fast enough!

Simon certainly didn't give up on it, he's normally right in the thick of things, but Elliott wears his excitement on his face a little more

They were very excited to show Daddy their new toy when he got home!

I'm not entirely sure, and I'm hoping it isn't so, but I'm afraid my mom may be right when she said the ER docs at the local hospital will get to know Elliott by name, he has no fear.

Simon on the other hand feels a little bit safer with mom, which is more than fine with me! I love that he's cautious!

While they both have different senses of adventure, they are both lovers. Right now about half the time I ask for a kiss from either of them they give one up gladly. Elliott is 'wide mouth, hold onto the back of your head giant' kiss. Simon is 'leans in ever so sweetly and gives a nice gentle' kiss. I don't have a favorite, although Simon's is a little "dryer" ;)

Elliott LOVES to give hugs, he tries to give Simon hugs, which a lot of the time turn into tackles so you can't really blame Simon for not wanting to reciprocate most of the time. He tries his hardest to give the cats hugs and he's partly successful some of the time with Franklin. Stanley still high-tails it out of there when they get closer than a foot away, regardless of his need for attention. He hasn't been turned down yet though from any adults, he lays his head on your shoulder and pats you on the back, it's the sweetest.

Simon is into making faces, and he gets lots of reaction! He scrunches up his nose, he pouts, I think my favorite right now is when he puts his chin down and furrows his brow, then will lifts it up and grins in the same instant. They said he had them laughing all day yesterday at daycare with his multitude of faces.

They're both into giving stuffed animals "hugs". They'll put just about anything in the crook of their neck and rest their head on it so that we all say "Aww!" They grin and throw it on the floor and run the other way ;) The latest is playing chase though. They don't quite get it but they love it! They started way back when Simon was first crawling even. Elliott would crawl under the dining room table and wait for Simon, then when Simon saw he'd take off as fast as he could hoping Simon would follow. Now they have circle they can travel, from the living room, to the foyer, to the parlor and back to the living room. They chase each other, but are getting more and more excited when they can "taunt" you enough to chase them.

They are so much fun. So far there have been milestones we've come to, passed and they've all been amazing. People will tell you, "wait until they do this...", or "next thing you know they'll be doing this..." And yes, it's as special and exciting as everyone tells you it will be, more so because it's yours, but nothing has been quite as fun, nor could I explain the joy in being able to interact with them like we're just getting into now. They copy us, they do things to make us laugh (to make us say "ow", or "no", or "STOP" - that's a favorite - they do it back), they're exploring boundaries and the world... and their family and it's indescribable how impossible it seems sometimes that they're mine.

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