Friday, October 29, 2010

Parental Privilege

I realize that all of my blog posts lately (as few as there have been) are about my boys, but I can’t help myself. I know every mom knows this feeling, and it’s totally indescribable – the way that you love your child. I constantly remind myself that they are mine. Those angels are something that Barry and I made and achieved perfection – in ways only a mother can see (or seems fathers and grandparents too!)

Last night I had the opportunity to lie on the floor and watch them play. I thought for a minute about getting the camera and thankfully realized that it wasn’t anything I could capture on camera so I just lied there and soaked up every second I could. They played independently and then Simon would watch, and smile at Elliott crawl to a new toy and discover it like brand new. Simon would watch from the gate that he had just successfully walked the entire length of, hanging on, studying and having no idea how his mom was marveling at a little boy that only learned to crawl a few weeks earlier. At one point they were both playing with the same musical book – we have two, they each had their own – and they would both steel both from the other, back and forth, back and forth. When I did follow them and start to play a game of chase I was amazed that as soon as Elliott even thought that I might be chasing him he crawled as fast as he could behind the swing were I think he was sure I couldn’t “get him” :)

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