Monday, February 16, 2009

4 year olds and bowling

It seems hard to believe, but our nephew, Jackson, turned 4 yesterday. We all celebrated at the bowling alley, with immediate family and several of his “best friends” from pre-school. I was actually quite amazed at how well behaved and respectful the kids were. They took turns fairly well and caught on rather quickly to what must have seemed absurd to most of them. Pick up 6-7 lb bowling ball that has holes in it in the most peculiar places and try to make it go ALLLL the way down the lane that you’re not supposed to walk on or else you fall down, which we witnessed more than once. They didn’t make it ten frames before running around was more fun, but it was a good time. His parents work together pretty well, especially where he’s concerned, to throw a great party.

It’s so much fun to be able to spend enough time with Jackson that we get to watch him grow up and learn more and more. With that, comes more conversation and awareness. He’s always been good at entertaining an audience, but his banter is more and more – well, hilarious! The theme of the party was Disney’s Little Einstein’s (which someday we’ll have to record him (this is what we ended up with BTW) dancing to the theme song – it’s a striking resemblance to Party Boy, from the show Jackass, it’s quite funny). Cindy made a really cute rocket ship cake and when she unveiled it I told him what a cool cake it was. His response – “Thanks! I did it myself!” He was very serious ;)

Happy Birthday Jackson! Auntie Beff and Uncle Bear love you very much!

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