Monday, February 2, 2009

Oh the guilt...

One of the reasons I wasn’t sure about starting a blog, was because I guilt myself about everything. If I start something for the people to read, I shouldn’t disappoint. Well, I suppose it won’t matter too much if no one is reading, but I’m going to assume a few people care if we produce – so I have guilt. Anyway – it’s been a few days since I last posted, and there just hasn’t been a lot that I feel like I needed to say, publicly. There have been a few things going on though I suppose. For starters, my mother-in-law broke her foot! She was doing some sort of balancing act while cleaning, that didn’t go so well and she broke her foot (her 5th metatarsal – end to end basically) and is going to have surgery on Wednesday. For anyone - I can only imagine this would be agony. But she’s not just anyone, she’s ALWAYS going, doing, etc. She’s an exercise inspiration and has more things organized than I thought were possible to organize. She’s just one of those people that actually do, instead of talk about doing. I have no doubt that she’ll have a fast recovery, but maybe we ought to pack up some books or something when we go visit Saturday? After surgery she isn’t supposed to bear weight on her foot for 2 -4 weeks after. Yikes! She’s going to need something to do! I plan to post a picture of the wheeling cart she’s supposed to get for her foot though! ;) That will probably take at least a day or two to get used to :(

Other than that, there hasn’t been much news. Barry and I had a busy day on Saturday, seemed like anyway, but probably because most of the time we don’t start Saturday’s so early. The Holt high school hockey team hosted an all you can eat pancake breakfast from 8-10. We made by about ten minutes after 9, which is when I guess most other people did. We didn’t mind waiting since we knew it was for a good cause - and reason, most of the boys had no experience in doing anything like it before. Apparently, according to Kevin and Adam, some other people weren’t so understanding - "... this is awful!" groaned Adam. There was only one cook, and the restaurant was actually pretty full. At least they had a good lesson in what they don’t particularly want to be doing. Anyway, friends of ours made it over with their 6 month old son. Jackson was also there with Grandma and Papa and thought Aiden was pretty neat. He wanted to hold him so he sat down on a chair and I balanced Aiden on his lap. He thought that was pretty cool, and then decided that the baby might be a little too big and said his leg was hurting because the he was too heavy… lol. Aiden’s mom just got back from his 6 month check-up – he weighs 22 lbs., so I suppose it’s no wonder it was a little much for Jackson’s leg, it was pretty cute. Later on in the day, out of no where, Jackson warmed my heart a little, and gave me some encouragement – he said – “I LIKE that baby you had! Where is he?!” I'm hoping that means things will go smoothly when someday he’s not ALWAYS the center of attention with Auntie Beff, Uncle Bear, Grandma and Papa – someday :) For now though – the lot of us are wrapped around (all of) his fingers!

After the breakfast we had another nice visit with Grandpa – he was on the edge of the bed when we got there as if waiting for our visit. He put up with us videotaping (see just below) a couple of conversations and told a couple of pretty good jokes; I only wish I had a better memory to share them here! We headed home for a while and then back out for the high school hockey game, which turned out a win, and quite a bit of excitement; it was a really fun game to watch. It helps when Jackson is there too, he’s entertaining. Plus we got to hang out with Jonathan, who’s moved back home from Florida! Everyone but him is thrilled about that! (It makes me feel so old that I feel old because he’s turning 21 tomorrow!) Barry played around with the Kodak HD video camera he checked out from work – yet another perk of being employed by CMU Tech Ops! He was able to tape almost the entire game on one set of batteries and a 4GB SDHC. It’s such a neat little thing… and I mean little! We’re thinking of a purchase before our trip… anybody have pros/cons? Also – we leave on our trip in 17 days!!!!! :D (wowzer! I have a lot to do before then!)

Yesterday we didn’t leave the house all day! Of course we watched the game and neither of us had a team we were REALLY routing for, and it was a great football game, so that was fun. I did a little research on something I’m not sure I’m ready to blog about yet, but it just might make for a good post later down the line ;)

That's about it - if you're interested, and have been waiting, there you go ;) If not, no harm done!


HollyMom said...

I love reading your blogs (Barry's too...) but don't let guilt fuel the need to write. What nice things you said about me, though...although I'm not going and doing much right now! I'm working on the baby afghan for Kristie (spelling??)...reading some...and wheeling around the house on my little cart! It's great - kind of like a scooter, except instead of putting your foot on it, it's raised and you place your lower leg on it...and take off!

I must admit I'm a little scared about surgery on Wednesday. Well, not so much the surgery, but the after effects - I guess it'll be bandaged and wrapped without the air cast for protection, so I have a feeling I'll be less mobile then.

What a sweetie Jackson is (just like his family!). I have a feeling that when the time comes for him to have cousin, he'll do fine!

Glad to hear you two had a good weekend....I'm already looking forward to Saturday...and wondering about that blog research.
:-) (ooo, I have a big nose! - LOL).

Beth said...

It feels good to write, actually - it's just the guilt that gets me started...? ;) And I'm not sure you could ever be nosey, I'll tell you all about the research Saturday if you want to know! Actually I'd love your advise, thoughts on it!

I'm sure if you can come through back surgery OK and not too much pain, this will be nothing! Just give a call if you want to talk about something else though, instead of thinking about surgery! :)