Wednesday, February 25, 2009


Sorry to have skipped straight past Monteverde (the rainiest, windiest, awesomest green place we´ve ever been), but we were out in the boonies of the boonies! Pictures and videos will be forthcoming once we get back to the States, but the short version is that we are now in a beach paradise and are never coming back. Please tell Franklin and Stanley that we love them very much, as will their new owners, whoever they might be.


Beth said...

We´re going on a river ¨safari¨ tomorrow and other than that, it´s a lot of sun, body surfing and a few drinks before plane time!

HollyMom said...

Oh, it sounds wonderful!! We're all so glad you're having a good time (not to mention envious...and you have to miss all this winter weather sad....LOL).

Enjoy, enjoy, enjoy....
Mom/Dad Cook