Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Costa Rica Itinerary!!

In case you wonder about what we're doing when - or - something crazy happens and someone needs to get a hold of us I figure it'd be nice to have it written down somewhere, hopefully only for prosperity!

My brother has graciously volunteered to drive us to the airport this morning so that we won’t have to pay for parking. The problem with that is he’s working on the 27th – I hope my parents are available to pick us up! :)

OK, so here’s the plan:

Thursday February 19th
Our flight leaves Detroit Metro at 2:25 pm, we have a layover in Dallas and are due to arrive in San Jose at 10:15 pm.
The plan is for a representative to meet us and exchange our paper vouchers for the hotels, etc. for the actual ones. Hopefully they can actually help us with a cab to the Britannia as well.

Friday February 20th – Sunday February 22nd
Adobe car rental is supposed to meet us at the hotel in the morning to drop off our rental car.
Then, it’s off to Arenal, La Fortuna to stay at the Arenal Paraiso for two nights. We plan to visit the hot springs for sure, maybe ride horseback to the Volcano, definitely do some exploring – I hope to get to the La Fortuna waterfall too.

Sunday February 22nd – Tuesday February 24th
We’ll leave sometime in the morning to drive around Lake Arenal to Monteverde to stay at the Trapp Family Lodge for two nights. There’s a cheese factory and Orchid garden in the vicinity that are on the list of things to do. We scheduled one activity through Latin Destinations ahead of time, and on Monday we’re going to zip line through the cloud/rain forest with Sky Trek!! This is something I’ve always wanted to do, and am most nervous about!

Tuesday February 24th – Friday February 27th
Our last destination is in Tamarindo, on the Pacific Coast on the Playa Grande (Grand Beach?). We’re staying at Tamarindo Diria and upgraded to an ocean view room. Our plan is to do nothing, on the beach, for three days! The leatherback turtle nests on this beach, but only until mid February, so we may miss them. Other than that we might check out a boat tour, but not much else… (there’s a swim up bar!!)
Our flight leaves Liberia, a good hour’s drive, at 2:00pm and we get into Detroit at 11:10pm, after a layover in Miami.

I’m exhausted already! ;) And can’t wait! I feel a little bad about leaving the cats for so long, but I'm sure they'll manage, especially since someone will be at the house with them most of the time we're gone!

We’ll let you know what actually happened when (if!) we come back! :D

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