Sunday, February 1, 2009


I read something disheartening on Twitter yesterday:

Jesse Thorn tells me I'm bad and I should feel bad
My long-term attention span in collegiate and professional sports has always been capable of following one team per sport, and beyond that, the games might as well not even be played. Sure, I've been involved in an EA Sports franchise or two in my day, but I lack the time and interest to do anything like get involved in a fantasy football league or gamble on sports. My investment in NFL fandom is limited to the Detroit Lions, and in recent years, I've barely been able to bring myself to watch more than half the season. I think I watched more games this season than I have since 2003, and you can tell where that got me.

So, "fans" of the game such as myself really only have a few overlapping options when it comes to the Super Bowl:
  • Watch what amounts to an overblown regular season game that happens to be the last of the year (that also determines who gets the last pick in the draft)
  • Pick one of the two teams to root for by some arbitrary criteria
  • Watch for the commercials like a good American!
So, for tonight's game, I'm accepting suggestions on who (or what) to root for. Extra weight will be given to scenarios involving statistical improbabilities or anomalies. Comment here or send me a message on Twitter!


While I'm on the subject of sports, I have to bring up my favorite flash game: QWOP. It's a game about running and failure. I love QWOP for the same reason I love the Lions - just when you think you've got it under control, you find a new way to foul it up. Go play it.

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HollyMom said...

This made me LAUGH - which I needed today. I have a new record - "-.2 meters"!!!!