Sunday, January 25, 2009

a brighter outlook...

So since I left you last, the things I wrote about are still true... but good things have also happened. 

Barry and I went to see Grandpa Thursday night and when we got there, it was as I feared. He was curled up in bed, not really making much sense. I thought, oh no, here we go. I really don't want to "fight" with my Grandfather to get him to sit up. It didn't take him too long though, once I got his hearing aids in, for him to realize who we were and that we wanted to visit. To me, that's most of it, he just needs some company. That's part of being a human being. You need contact, no one doesn't understand that. Anyway, he didn't want to eat, and hadn't all day. So I started probing, I just can't help myself, it's part of my being a human being to KNOW EVERYTHING THAT'S GOING ON. If you know me, you know that. Anyway, he wasn't hungry. Really? So there was some juice sitting on his dresser and he thought that sounded pretty good. He gobbled down a cookie from his stash in his dresser. Then he wanted more... not hungry huh? ;) Barry went down to the kitchen and brought back some fruit an instant breakfast drink and some sort of dessert. When Barry went back down to get, still more, the girl wanted to know if he ate it all and when Barry told her he was looking for more, she gave him a solid fist pump :) Nice to know. Anyway, we ended up having a really nice visit, talking about all kinds of things, including keeping your lawn nice like Clint in Gran Torino... he Grandpa have some similarities. We plan to visit today to report on the bands we saw last night. The visit was refreshing. 

Yesterday I made, the surprisingly short, trip to Brighton for a friends baby shower. I met Tom and Betsy just once before when we met up with them at Cedar Point earlier this summer. Barry was friends with them in college (and roommates with Tom). I had already figured them to be nice people. But watching how appreciative and humble Betsy was at all of the people and effort that went into each beautiful gift, reiterated that, ten fold. I was hesitant at first about going to a baby shower for someone that I had met just once before and figuring that I probably wouldn't know anyone else, but ended up having a really good time! Also very refreshing.

Then as soon as I got home, Barry and I got in the car and drove to Mount Pleasant were we met up with friends Jason and Julee at Los Palaminos for an awesome dinner, some tax preparing, Lions, and wedding planning discussions. Then we went to the Broadway theatre to see a couple of bands that Barry knew and was excited to see, and then a couple more. There were five in all, we heard 3 complete sets. My favorite was Frontier Ruckas, very folksy, and even had a banjo player and a saw player! Mason Proper was up next & while I didn't totally get them, Barry really liked their execution. I apologize to him forever, but musical execution will almost always go right over my head. It's NOT something that's part of my being a human being. Sorry honey, but I do take your word for it! The singer was someone Barry played in a band with years ago while at Tech, so he's someone that's been able to hear Barry play the guitar, unlike his wife. Anyway, we got the chance to talk to him after their set and Jon told Barry that he had been a big influence on him all those years ago - pointing him in the direction of other great bands with a stack of CD's. Fun stuff. Great Lakes Myth Society was really good and lots of fun too. Also, the drunk college kids really like them too... we didn't stay for the headliner, which the drunk college kids like even more. I am old. I know I used to be one of them myself, but I can just barely understand it anymore. Anyway, a trip to Marty's finished up the trip. We were up two and a half hours past pumpkin time by the time we got home! SNL was already over! LOL. 

This morning I woke up to eggs, toast and coffee in bed. There's plans to go see Grandpa and maybe a movie with the folks. I'd say the weekend was pretty good. :) 

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