Monday, January 19, 2009

An Introduction

Well, Beth opened this up with her first post and the Facebook link, so I may as well jump in.

I'm the bearded fella over in the right column. I turned 30 in December. I don't feel old, even though I'm five years past the point where I could conceive of myself as the baddest MF in the world. I'm several years into a career that is largely challenging and satisfying, analytical and specific. I have no shortage of hobbies and interests, some of which require a little creativity. I've always been addicted to input from games, books, and movies, but I've always fallen short on producing any kind of meaningful lasting output I can share with my family and friends.

I've made a few furtive stabs at writing online, but I've always leaned too heavily on hyperbole and parenthetical thought to take myself seriously. There are so many talented people already writing about my interests that it's sometimes difficult for me to tell if my thoughts and ideas about those things are my own or just a distillation of things I've read. I know that this is just a blog, but I've already taken a shot at this post three times to lay out my mission for myself: I'm going to journal my life with Beth.

While I'm not fully convinced it's a great idea to subject the web at large to my relatively unsophisticated ideas about a lot of things*, it's probably not a horrible idea for me to write publicly about my own life. I can't imagine the number of memories I've already lost because I haven't taken the time to preserve them. With equal parts optimism and narcissism, I feel I may eventually have some insight that makes the whole thing worthwhile; more likely, the page will stand as a monument to my non-commitment to critical thought. I'll do my best to prove myself wrong.

I'm counting on my amazing wife as a reader and an editor, and I'll need her support to make sure that I write as often as she does and to hold me accountable for what I say. If anyone else happens to get anything out of our writing, hey, bonus!

* Disclosure: I did register a bunch of other Blogspot domains with a few ideas in mind. I'll keep those to myself until I have some idea of what I'm actually going to do with them.

Edit: Clarified non-commitment. Thanks, Editor!

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